Cults Investigated exists to educate, equip, and encourage Christians to reach out in love to members of cultic groups. The term ‘cult’ is used here to speak of three categories:

Destructive Cults: These groups are highly manipulative in nature. They often exist in exclusive communities and have total control over their members. These groups exploit their members and sometimes physically harm and/or psychologically damage them.

Doomsday Cults: These are groups that have an unhealthy focus on the end of the world. They often have a leader who gives ‘prophecy’ about an imminent event that will bring swift destruction. Setting dates for the ‘end’ is often a preoccupation of these groups and, when it doesn’t come to pass, they can be found to say either God has changed his mind or claim a calculation error.

Aberrant ‘Christian’ Cults: These are groups who claim to be Christian, but their teachings differ greatly from historic, biblical Christianity. They often reject key biblical doctrines such as, the deity of Christ, the trinity, salvation by faith alone and the existence of hell.

Tony is a missionary/evangelist to those caught in New Religious Movements, especially Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. As a former JW, he is keen to help Christians share the truth in love with those trapped in falsehood. He is available to come along to your church, event, CU, Bible Study etc. to teach about New Religious Movements and how to share the gospel with them. Tony is married to Cath and they have three children.