In the first of two programmes Justin Brierley talks to Jehovah’s Witness Robert King (aka e-watchman) and former JW Tony Brown. Robert is disfellowshipped but still holds to Jehovah’s Witness doctrine. He does not speak in any official capacity for the Watchtower Society. Tony Brown is now a Christian pastor with a ministry to Jehovah’s Witnesses, he describes how he joined and left the organisation. They discuss the failed end-time prophecies of the organisation, their controversial blood doctrines and the belief in the 144,000 in heaven.  (PART ONE)

In the second programme examining the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Robert King and Tony Brown discuss whether Christ claims to be God. Robert is a disfellowshipped JW but still holds to Watchtower doctrine. Tony is a former JW, now a Christian pastor. They talk about whether JWs rely upon a works-based salvation, return to the 144,000 and discuss whether Jesus is the Archangel Michael and not the son of God, as Robert claims.   (PART TWO)