Leeds Jehovah’s Witness Outreach 2014

For the second time as a ministry we attended the Leeds convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses to reach out to them and challenge them from a biblical perspective.

It was wonderful that so many other people came to join us. Janet Fowell who only came out of the Watchtower in February of this year, and as only been a Christian a short time came with her husband and a number of people from her church which is Christ Church Manston LEEDS. Bobby ministry co-coordinator came from Middlesbrough, John Steele and his wife came from there church in Rotheram and Olympia and Damien from a local polish Christian group came. In total over the 2 days we had about 12 Christians that came to preach to about 7,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Saturday was one of the best days I have had in talking to Jehovah’s Witnesses in this environment.  I spoke to a bible study early on in the day who had been studying with the JW’s for many years but had never even seen the other side of the argument, she took some literature. Bobby also spoke to someone who was just studying with the JW’s who was interested to know what we were doing. Some people from Janet’s old congregation also stopped to talk to her.

The Watchtower tells its members to not engage with people like us….obviously some people were not listening!

A few people told me that my literature was “out of date” and that a Watchtower from May 15th 1984 that was entitled “1914, the generation that will die away” was not longer a true representative of what they believed in.

The reason it is still relevant Jehovah’s Witnesses it because your organisation claim to be directed by Jehovah, which means this stuff ultimately comes from him. 1914 is a generation that HAS died out, which is why you have changed the teachings. You say “new light” I say “false prophets”.

On the Saturday after I took my “apostate” shirt off and headed in to Leeds for some dinner. I went to the place that many Jehovah’s Witnesses were also having dinner.

Their conversation was not on “how great the sessions were” but instead was on the “apostates that were outside” . So not only was Saturday a great day for talking to people it was also great to know people were talking about us.

Sunday was a bit different……

They lined the security guys up in numbers to try to drown out the preaching of John Steele and myself by loudly greeting the people that came in.

Amazing then that 3 times different people in the convention threaded to “smash my face in, unless I moved on”, and the security guards did nothing! One man in particular kept on saying it, to which I said to the security guard, “if this man threatens me again I will call the police”…..then the security did something! Amazing, they will not do anything unless it seems like they are going to be caused embarrassment. I said the security guard “its amazing isn’t it, you put all these attendants/ security people here to stop us getting in, but its the Jehovah’s Witnesses at are actually wanting to be violent!”  All the security and attendants were of course Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Although some of the sisters had some good chats, I thought that was going to be it and I was going to leave a little disappointed, that was until we met “David” who had sat and listened to the preaching through the whole of lunch. He was an un-baptised witness and he had lots of questions about….well everything and during the second half of the convention he came and had a drink with us. I have given him my number and hopefully he will not be returning to the Watchtower.

Thank you to all came to the outreach, its my prayer that some seeds have been planted and hopefully others will water.

Look forward to Coventry this Saturday when we do it all again!

Blessings in Jesus,
Jason T


Source: WatchTower Investigated