The February 2014 Watchtower is emblazed with two pictures of the Brandenberg gate in Berlin. The main picture is recent showing people enjoying a sunny summers day, the other picture, superimposed over the main one, shows WW1 German troops marching out to war probably due to embark on trains for deployment along the Belgian border.

The WT propaganda machine asks the questions: Why did the First World War turn the world upside down? Do the answers reveal anything about our future?” Using these lead questions the reader is directed to the first article “The War that changed the World” The first three paragraphs set out the historical scene; one of patriotic fervor and ideals of swift victory juxtapose with the reality of total war. Having set the scene the article explains “It [WW1] changed the world in ways that still affect us today” this statement leads into a critique of WW1 under the sub-heading mistakes that destroyed trust

They [the soldiers/people] discovered that their statesmen had failed them, their clergy had deceived them, and their generals had betrayed them.

The WT here seeks to whip up anti-establishment sentiment, which includes their underlying hatred of “Christendom” By amalgamating the three main power structures (statesmen, commerce’s, religion) into one “evil” monster the WT positions itself to show how THEY as God’s true organisation rise above all these Satanic people and are the guardians of “Truth” – in affect they are saying WE have all the answers and WE can explain WHY all this happened. Next comes their main objective i.e. to attack the “evil” clergy.

“And clerics fanned rather than quenched the flames of hatred. “Clergymen were unable, and for the most part unwilling, to place Christian faith before nationality,” observes A History of Christianity. “Most took the easy way out and equated Christianity with patriotism. Christian soldiers of all denominations were exhorted to kill each other in the name of their Saviour.”

One thing to note when reading WT material is their quotes. Above we see them quoting from “A History of Christianity” by Paul Johnson written in 1976. Who is Paul Johnson?  Well he is a very successful British Journalist and author but more than that he is a Roman Catholic educated in a private Jesuit ran school in Oxford! Can you believe that? – The WT who hate all the clergy quote directly from a Catholic inspired book? Now I’m not saying Johnson is incorrect in his analysis, the organised Church does have a sordid past, but it’s the hypocrisy of the WT drawing upon literature written by religious people, whom they claim to be satanically inspired, which is infuriating.

The next article draws the reader ever closer to the WT doctrinal position. They ask: Why did the war turn the world upside down? Was it really just a colossal accident? Do the answers reveal anything about our future? Under the heading The true culprit behind War and suffering they go on to identify Satan as the ‘god of this system’ who is responsible for all human suffering including WW1 linking the events of WW1 with war in heaven “And the Bible reveals that Satan was the one who, in a sense, pulled the trigger.”

Using various proof texts the WT writers lay out their theological presuppositions to “prove” their position.

1)    “nation would rise against nation’ and food shortages and pestilences would sweep through the earth.”

2)   “Sure enough, the book of Revelation links Satan to the calamities the earth has suffered since 1914”

3)    “Bible chronology and world events indicate that this heavenly war occurred after God’s Kingdom was established in the heavens in 1914. So the same pivotal year saw the outbreak of war on earth and war in heaven.”  

The WT article then proceeds to invite readers to learn more about how God will break up the works of the devil and create a paradise earth in which all can live happily ever after. Such logic creates a dualistic worldview. First the WT presents the reader with a World ran by Satan, which is corrupt. Into Satan’s pot are thrown all the world leaders, commercial powers and religions. That leaves whom? Yep of course the WBTS! It is this overly simplistic view of reality that creates the illusion that the WT is God’s modern day Noah’s Ark into which the truly “righteous” are encouraged to run. No options remain, its them or be destroyed! However I would point out just a few major errors in the article under review.

1)   Is Satan in full control of planet earth? Satan is NOT in full control, God is! – Satan’s activity is restricted and subject to God’s sovereignty. In Job Chapter 1 Satan had to get permission from God to touch Job; 2:6, 12:23, 23:13. See also 1 Samuel 2:6; 2 Chronicles 20:6; Psalm 135:6. In Revelation 13:7 Satan is “allowed” (permitted by God) to make war with the saints, showing God is ultimately in Sovereign control. God has NOT handed earth over to Satan, the Devil as “god of this system” has limited power exercised according to God’s sovereign will and purpose.

2)   Did the Last days begin in 1914? No! – The Last days began in the first century NOT 1914.  There are yet eschatological signs which precede the LORDS return which will be identified as last days events occur, however we can safely say the Last days began 2000 years ago. The writer of Hebrews identifies this at Hebrews 1:2, speaking in the present tense he says: in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world.

3)   Does the Bible foretell 1914? No! It is WT chronology NOT bible chronology that fixes the date 1914. This date cannot be arrived at without creating complex extra-biblical methodologies and making huge assumptions.

4)   Is Jesus the rider of the first horse? Jesus is most definitely NOT the rider of the first horse! This horseman is actually the anti-christ. How ironic the WT blindly identifies the first horseman as Jesus and thus they inadvertently acknowledge that they follow the anti-Christ! See article:

Sadly when JW’s read the WT literature they believe what they are reading is on a par with the inspired word of God. With tongue in cheek they may deny this, but in reality they believe every word. To criticise or question the WT is tantamount to questioning God himself.

“The Watchtower magazine…is the channel used by the Lord for transmitting the unfolding of his prophecies to those who are devoted to him and his kingdom. No human creature is entitled to any credit for what appears in the Watchtower”[1]

Surely then according to the above reasoning what has been written in the Feb. 2014 WT is absolute truth? If so why is the “generation” teaching not mentioned? After all the WT for decades foretold that the 1914-generation would NOT pass away until ALL things had taken place, viz Armageddon.

“The Generation of Matthew 24:34 includes persons alive at the time that the war in heaven began in 1914. All who were living or who came on the scene around that time are a part of that Generation. Members of THAT generation will SEE the end of the world”[2]

“Bible Chronology and the fulfilment of Bible prophecy provide ample proof that this time period began in 1914. Thus BEFORE the 1914 generation completely dies out, God’s judgment must be executed”[3]

According to the WT the end of the World MUST COME before the 1914-generation passes away. However, where may I ask is the 1914-generation? How many of the 1914-generation are still alive? I’ll answer these questions in a moment. You would have thought that as 1914 slips into the fog of history that the WT would let ‘dead dogs’ lie and move on, but the truth is they cannot. Their whole eschatological paradigm rests on 1914. Instead of avoiding the 1914 time bomb in the January 2014 WT page 28 the society had the audacity to say:

“Because we regularly study God’s Word, we can see that prophecy is being fulfilled right now. What a contrast with people in general! They are so involved in their lives and pursuits that they overlook the clear evidence that Christ has been ruling since 1914 and will soon bring God’s judgment.”

However let us review what was actually being taught by the Bible Students prior to 1914.

“Our Lord, the appointed King, in now present, since October, 1878 AD…be not surprised, then, that the setting up of the kingdom has already began…it is pointed out in prophecy as due to begin to exercise power in A.D. 1878….and the Battle of the Great Day of God the Almighty…will end in A.D. 1914” [4]

“We see no reason for changing the figures — nor could we change them if we would. They are, we believe, God’s dates, not ours. But bear in mind that the end of 1914 is not the date for the beginning, but for the end of the time of trouble.”[5]

Interesting? According to the above quotes Jesus began his invisible reign in 1878 and was due to war with the Nations in 1914. Not only that the date is said to be fixed by God. Yet 100 years on and its all change! What had been the terminus date of 1914 has now been moved to the starting point! Likewise the end date calculated to be within the 1914-generation lifetime has been removed. Why? because the 1914-generation has all but died out! The WT’s silly interpretations have failed again! Yes they served there purpose in enslaving millions of JW’s for decades but now the generation doctrines life span has expiried and has been “cut” from WT teaching! That’s why there is no mention of the 1914-generation doctrine in the Feb. 2014 WT – they have ditched it!

Thus the Feb. 2014 WT simply churns out more of the same apocalyptic rhetorical nonsense. Sadly today the WT lie is perpetuated in “new clothes” and heartbreakingly new WT converts will never be exposed to the past errors and false predications concerning 1878, 1914 or the generation changes – that is unless we speak out!

Incidentally for decades each Awake had an explanation as to why it was being printed and distributed. Note how the generation changes took place in the 1995 Awake:

“the Creator’s promise of a peaceful and secure new world before the generation that saw the events of 1914 passes away.” — October 22, 1995, page 4

“the Creator’s promise of a peaceful and secure new world that is about to replace the present wicked, lawless system of things.”Awake! November 8, 1995, page 4

More information here:

Despite the generation change the WT MUST hang onto 1914 as the pivotal date in human history. Why? Because their claim to be God’s sole mouthpiece on earth rests on that date. Should they admit that this date is contrived the whole house of cards would collapse. For an in-depth study of the chronology used by the WT and how they arrive at 1914 see “The Gentile Times reconsidered” by Carl Olof Jonson. Pdf copy here:

I think it is wise for us who are trying to reach out to JW’s to use this centenary year 1914-2014 as a special talking point. Certainly the WT is not holding back from continuing to focus on this date.  So let’s ask some probing questions:

1)   If Jesus returned invisibly in 1878 and this date was fixed, why did the WT move that date to 1914?

2)   Why did the WT drop its teaching that the 1914-generation would not pass away before the end of this present system occurs?

3)   According to current WT teaching it is now 100 years since Jesus took Kingdom power, why has the end taken so long to come when in 1925 it was announced by the society that Millions now living will never die?[6]

So the Feb. 2014 article covering the 1914 War is yet another red herring to entice new people to join the religion. The article draws upon post-modern anti-establishment rhetoric and presents the reader false truth claims. The magazine carefully constructs a paradigm which ends in bliss and happiness for those who follow the WT and destruction fro those who don’t. No mention is made of the Christian Gospel of Grace for such truth is unknown to the WT. Instead a false Gospel is presented. At the same time the article reinforces false WT doctrine upon the minds of its clone-like WT members.

For those of us who know the truth about 1914 we should announce loud and clear to all who will listen of the intellectual deception and dishonesty of the WT society. Knowledge of such lies are but one weapon against this evil empire, we must also engage in earnest prayer seeking our Lord to empower us with wisdom to take on what is at its root a Satanic enterprise. Please pray by name for all you know who are yet lost in the WT organisation.

Oh LORD in your mercy hear our prayers. – Amen

God bless

Jason Wright

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Source: WatchTower Investigated