Tony Brown is an excellent speaker, capable of covering any subject you give him. However his heart and passion is to equip others to share their faith with those caught up in cults or false teaching. Tony does this in the most gentle engaging manner and with a warm sense of humour. His teaching left us all feeling we could apply all we’d learnt the next time we had a knock at the door from a Jehovah’s Witness. His teaching most importantly helped us to recognise the urgency and importance of sharing God’s truth while reminding us of how we should be towards such people.

TRUTH4YOUTH (Suzie Gee – Conference Founder)

In 2013 we were privileged to have Ps Tony Brown with us at AblazeUK. Tony led one of our workshops entitled ‘From Cults to Christ’, focussing on how Christians can engage with and reach our to people involved in cults, in particular the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The workshop ran over two separate sessions and was full on both occasions. Tony spoke powerfully and passionately, informing and enlightening those in attendance to equip them in this specific area of mission. The feedback we had was exclusively positive as people felt greatly encouraged and empowered to share their faith more effectively with those trapped in cult groups.

Pastor Simon Taylor (Member of the AblazeUK Organising Committee)

Usually, as soon as I see two people on my doorstep with a magazine in hand and sense that they are Jehovah’s Witnesses, I aim to shoo them away as quickly as possible lest I be sucked into their heresy or waste time going round in circles as two unchangeable forces collide and bounce off one another, bruised and exhausted. Aside from the fact that one of my sons has over the last few years seen his JW university friend become a true follower of Jesus Christ, I had really no idea that it was even worth trying to talk to a JW about faith. Tony Brown’s talk on “Reaching Jehovah’s Witnesses” had a huge impact on me. I realised that I was treating JWs as “objects” of fear and not as men and women for whom Jesus died. Tony made it clear that JWs are humans who want to be loved and will respond just like everyone else. He told his own story of how he became a JW after the death of his mother but, through the love of Jesus and patience and friendship of Christians, he became a “real Christian” and is now a church pastor. Had I not had the privilege of hearing Tony, I would have remained an implacable JW avoider and had no idea of how it is possible to show them the love and truth of Jesus with eternal results.

Christians everywhere need to listen to Tony in order to understand that Jehovah’s Witnesses need to know the saving love of Jesus like the rest of the world, that they are not so brainwashed that there is no point in being kind and showing Jesus’ love to them, and to learn first-hand from an ex Witness how to begin to engage with Jehovah’s Witnesses in leading them from heresy to true hope.

(Dr Philip Lewis Apologetics in Manchester)