Jehovahs Witnesses believe that it is a good thing that changes happen in there doctrine. New light is right across their history. Some things are very blatant (1975, generation change, blood fractions etc), sometimes though the watchtower is so subtle with some changes that that you may not of even seen them. These are not necessary changes in doctrine, but changes in other areas of the publications, which when you expose them are extremely irresponsible and at times rather disturbing. I doubt that an average Jehovahs Witness even release that these happen, the devil however does appear as an angel of light.

2 Corinthians 11:13, 14 For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

Changes in the songs

I am going to talk a lot the worship music, because worship is important. We have some amazing hymns as Christians (yes I know hillsong have done some bad ones as well!!) but they give glory to Jesus.

How great though art
Amazing Grace
In Christ Alone
The deep love of Jesus
How deep the Fathers love for us
Our God saves

Lets look at a few of the Jehovahs Witness hymns, and how they have changed:-

Kiss the son

One of the more doctrinal correct hymns was called “Kiss the son” where they actually took the lyrics straight out of Psalms 2:12..

“Kiss the son lest God be angry
and you will perish from the way,
Happy are all those taking refuge in Him”.

It was a really song and this chorus showed how important it was to honor the son.

They have kept the music the same but now the chorus goes :-

“Praise our God, Jehovah; Praise his Son, Christ Jesus,
Who through the ransom have set us free.
Now we have the hope to live on the earth

And serve God eternally”
Can you see the change? God is no longer going to be angry about you not honoring the son!

“Any opportunity to get rid of giving glory to Jesus, they will do it”.

Here are some more examples in the songs…

Stay awake stand firm


Sometimes they will replace “Jesus” with “Jehovah” here though they go one step further….now they are replacing Jesus with themselves.

Can you honestly call this a “worship” song? Read the rest of the lyrics…its all about them growing mighty and being determined…how is this worship music? The one time Jesus actually gets a mention in this awful song has now been replaced by the organisation.

Also…its not about what obeying Christ Jesus has to say, but rather the “older men”.

Make Jehovahs heart glad


Once again, they have changed the lyrics for the purpose of giving glory to “the slave”.

Like with the other examples we have seen, the significance is that they are no longer giving any kind of glory of praise to Jesus, but now singing songs about how amazing the organisation is.

Make the truth your own

This used to be a person favorite of mine, the music was good the lyrics were good….but once again notice the one line change.


Why the need to change it? If Jehovahs Witness do believe in imitating Jesus, why the need to get rid of him in this song as well?

Here are the biblical instructions regarding honoring the son

John 5:22,23 – Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him.

So here it Jehovahs Witnesses…here is one of the reasons why your organisation is an abomination. Getting rid of him from your “worship songs” is proof how you dishonor him.

This last one is the most recent……

My prayer of dedication


99% of Jehovahs Witnesses will be oblivious to this change in the lyrics, but there is one purpose behind this change, because the governing body wants money, putting this in the song is a way of getting it in the mind of its members so they keep giving.

Can you see…

Changing these 2 lines will creep into the minds of Jehovahs Witnesses and keep them blinded?

2 Corinthians 4:3,4. – And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. In their case the god of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God

How can this help a questioning Jehovahs Witness?

Look at just these little changes and ask yourself…. “are these people, giving worthy praise to God through there worship?” “Should we not be honoring the son through our worship as opposed to the governing body?”

If you are a Jehovahs Witness this would be a good question to ask yourself.

Changes to the cover

I can’t not talk about the song book without mentioning the change on the cover though. First of all I need to put a disclaimer in. The change on the back of the Jehovah Witness song book is there for all to see, the reason why….well they have not actually said, so the reason I am giving is just my view, not necessary the same view of other members of UKPFC or indeed anyone else.

Back in 2012, this is what the song book looked like….

Now it looks like this…


Can you see the black man has been taken out and replaced with a white man? This is strange, but what is the reason why the Watchtower has made this change?

Is this the Watchtower promoting what Judge Rutherford said about the fact that black should be slaves?

“It is generally believed that the curse which Noah pronounced upon Canaan was the origin of the black race. Certain it is that when Noah said, “Cursed be Canaan, a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren,” he pictured the future of the Colored race. They have been and are a race of servants, but now in the dawn of the twentieth century, we are all coming to see this matter of service in its true light and to find that the only real joy in life is in serving others; not bossing them. There is no servant in the world as good as a good Colored servant, and the joy that he gets from rendering faithful service is one of the purest joys there is in the world. ” — The Golden Age, July 24, 192

It is possible this is the reason why, but I think the reason is a lot more a lot more sinister.

It is no big secret that Jehovahs Witnesses have been in big trouble with covering up child abuse for a number of years. They are currently under investigation from the charity commission in the UK as well. Article published on the website:-

Take another look at the black guy who is now disappeared off the song book…look at where he is staring…..


It is just my opinion but this looks suspiciously like he is staring at the child, while everyone else is looking up. Also…can you see the size of his thumb? This looks suspiciously like something else!!

Is this the Watchtower mocking people who think they are involved in covering up child abuse? I think this is the most likely explanation. Either way it is creepy and if they had nothing to hide with the image…why change it?

Other changes in their images

They stole a picture from a pornography magazine for their own literature!!

It is no big secret that Jehovahs Witnesses will have hidden messages in there publications. You may well remember this one from the live forever book…..


Whats odd about this picture? Well it was exposed that this image was stolen off a Germany company called “Stern”…who produce hard-core pornography magazine!! Don’t believe me…here is the cover it was taken from!!!


Not long after this was exposed, the Watchtower dis-continued making the live forever book. Coincidence?  Maybe….but what is the Watchtower playing at by using these images in their literature? You also will not find the live forever book on (strange I know!!)

I have a message for you at Watchtower HQ…YOU are part of the “disgusting thing” spoken in Revelation 17:5 :-

“The name written on her forehead was a mystery: Babylon the great the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth”.

Other changes in images

In the March 15th 2004 Watchtower you have an image of Jesus and his disciples eating bread together.
Yet in a Watchtower April 2008 they used the same image but in black and white…


Can you spot the difference? In the first picture Jesus is holding bread in his left hand, yet in the most recent picture in black and white it has disappeared…again no explanation. Most people in EX Jehovahs forums think that the color pictures suggests that it because Jesus is holding “something” in his left hand, and due to the complaints Watchtower decided to Photoshop it out of the more up to date image. That is a possibility, but if the Watchtower was not guilty, then why change the image? Have they been deliberately putting this of images in there publications?

Changes to the meetings

In the past few years there has been a number of changes in the fellowship arrangements. I am just going to talk about a few:-

No more book study

In 2009 it was decided that they were going to do away with the midweek book study. The reason the Watchtower gave was this was because of the cost of living going up and this way families can save a few quid and also spend more time together – how nice!

Now though I will give you the real reason as to why it came to an abrupt end.

The midweek book study was a great opportunity to talk to other Jehovahs Witnesses in the area on a more intimate level as the groups were usually only between 10-15 people, most of the time you would even get a drink at the end of it….which you don’t at the kingdom hall.

In was also common practice for the book study conductor to set assignments to the group outside of the governing bodies’ control. I know when I was a Jehovahs Witness one of the things our Tuesday book study needed to do was to find out more about the history of Tarshish which was a port. This kind of independent research was common place in the Tuesday book study.

Un-fortunately this kind of independent research resulted in a lot of people releasing the problems of Jehovahs Witness doctrine. There was an instance that was over in Ireland though that caused the biggest issue which resulted in the ending of Tuesday book study.

The leader of the book study gave his group an assignment of researching the history regarding the New World Translation….big mistake! His group went away and started research outside of the Watchtower literature. In turn this information was shared other members of the congregation, and before you knew it, multitudes of people where leaving the organisation.

By getting rid of the book study and the smaller groups, it meant that the organisation can keep greater tabs on the members.

No more theocratic ministry school

The theocratic ministry school was the one time the average Jehovahs Witness could get up and do some speaking. They would do anything from a bible reading, to a role play of a bible study, to a talk on avoiding thrill seeking actives (yes this was one that I did!) once again this would involve doing some reading in Watchtower archives. Not a good idea when you don’t want people reading old light! The theocratic ministry school has now been replaced with a talk / message from a governing body member at HQ that is played to all congregations across the world.

The change regarding the theocratic ministry school has meant that not only do you avoid people potentially digging up old Watchtower articles it means that now the governing body can talk directly to their members.

Governing body no longer anonymous

When I was a Jehovahs Witness I had no idea who the faces where behind the watchtower writers.

A questions from readers from the October the 1st 1959 asked the question whether or not the writers are qualified to be writing. This was the Watchtowers response:-

They prefer to remain anonymous, not because of their educational background but in order that the students of the literature may concentrate on the truths and the facts presented instead of upon the identity of the writer and being influenced by who he is. They prefer that the Society and not the individual contributor to its publications should be the thing to recommend the Watch Tower publications to all readers and that the attention of readers should be directed to the organization that is being used by Jehovah God as his instrument rather than to any individual.

How different this is today! Now we know the governing body members and what they look like. This means that Jehovahs Witnesses will now feel closer to the organisation than they ever did before.

These are just few changes that you may have missed, but certainly these changes do play a part in control the minds of Jehovahs Witnesses.

My hope and prayer is this is article will show Jehovahs Witnesses that the Watchtower is blatantly pulling the wool over your eyes, the truth is right in front of you – you just can’t see it.

Every blessing.

Jason Thickpenny

Source: WatchTower Investigated